Welcome to Ghibliview


For the next 20 weeks I will be reviewing each film from the Studio Ghibli collection providing some background information to each film and offering my own personal insights after viewing.

I aim to discover what makes Studio Ghibli so special.  Is there a perfect mix of colour palettes, music and storytelling that equates to the magic onscreen?  Or is it Western nostalgia painting a picture more beautiful than what’s actually there?


-Each film will be marked out of 10.  1 being the lowest grade and 10 being the highest.

-Films will be watched with original Japanese dub and English subtitles however English Dub may be used time to time at my own discretion.  The American dub was produced by Disney and it is very well done.

-Each review will be produced weekly to bi-weekly (update: whenever I can get round to them.)

-I will be referencing Studio Ghibli by Michelle Le Blanc and Colin Odell. This will be a guidebook that will hopefully offer me further insight into each film.

-I will be going into a large portion of these films blind- Research will be done after I’ve watched the film rather than prior to avoid spoilers.

-I will mention whenever I’ve previously seen a film. (update: sorry this hasn’t happened.)

-Stray facts will be attached to each review to give a deeper knowledge behind each film.

What’s Next

My first review. Stay tuned.

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